My name is John McVay and I am currently based in Tempe, Arizona. I make prints and collages on paper. I approach art-making from a position focused on breaking down the barriers between high and low culture; the recycling of materials through collage and the combining of traditional printmaking techniques with digital contemporary methods are important components to my practice. I am most inspired visually by Robert Rauschenberg, Hannah Hoch, Max Ernst, Julien Langendorff, and Mimmo Rotella, while John Cage, Steve Reich, Christian Marclay, and Merzbow inspire me with their explorations in sound. Consumerism, control, comfort, confusion, and the American Dream are common themes that continue to pop up in my work.  


Saturday, May 11, 2019, between 6-8 PM, I will be showing some of my prints at the Gallery Opening Reception of Playground Arts in Mesa, Arizona! This venue, run by Sound Art Arizona, is dedicated to sound art but they will be exhibiting experimental visual works as well. The opening reception will feature immersive sound art performances and visual art by Jim Fike, Erika Lynne Hanson, Lena Klett, Kristen Miologos, Tony Obr, and Jimmy Peggie, as well as myself.

I was recently interviewed for a local Phoenix arts magazine called Voyage Phoenix. Click on the link to read a little more about my story:

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